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10 December







defination of love
Sunday, June 29, 2008 @ 5:31 PM
i have been blogging everyday, ever since i deleted that livejournal of mine. found out something interesting yesterday, not going to pinpoint anything. or people will start barking at me again. conclusion: 'indiebra's suck, they act in the same way, totally identical. no, im not going to tell you what its about. haha, f3. -still stuck in maple- i love black, i have a black wallet, pencil case, bag, webcam, mouse, glasses, pen(i hate blue pens) according to what i can see now. i want the black calculator, mine is ruined with the nail polish remover i poured on it last year. -.- anybody know websites of pretty pictures, etc xanga, livejournals? no deviantart please. just realized a few days ago that i have been in bs for almost a year, amazing. im craving for kfc's mash potato, badly. buaixzxz.