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10 December







see you again
Friday, April 18, 2008 @ 4:06 PM
Ruyan; Thanks for always being lame and acting dumb to entertain us ! Had fun talking about all those stupid people and how idiotic they are ! HAHAHAHAHA!

Triscilla; This type of friends dont need to care so much about them, just let them be . Even if it really happens, its their fault . Who ask them to be so kpo and big mouth ? Chill okay, dont worry about them anymore, they deserve it .

Kimberley; Dont cry ! They are not worth your tears . You can share with my how you feel and what had happened, but i hope nothing will . Hope to study and go out with you soon !

Cheryl; Dont hang out with them anymore, they kept bullying you ! You kept forgiving them and you said that they have alrd changed, but i dont think so, they kept making you getting worried and sad that they will be angry with you everytime ! You dont need this type of friends . Dont worry if you wont be friends with them, you still have me ! And i cant believe that i can actually be still as close to you untill now . Cheer up ! :D

WeiLin; Dont think about him anymore, dont listen to those songs anymore Hope you will forget him soon and dont cryyyyyyyy !