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10 December







pictures of you
Monday, April 7, 2008 @ 7:26 PM
Another typical day in school.
i hate p.e, im so short and the thingy is so high.
how am i suppose to throw it in, and my catching is horrible.
'ci yan' came in to give us the chinese test and was shouting her ass off.
got back my maths quiz paper. i got D, D for Dog.
almost all the questions that i got wrong are because of careless mistakes. -_-
then was geog test.
got 10 minutes of dee because of that idiot and history remedial after that.

There was this stupid moth (quite big) that flew and landed on my head when i was doing my english hw.
i didnt even know untill tris hit my head and it flew away.
and it was murdered by the boys who smacked it with books later on.
i hate moths, i hate butterflies.
they are like worms with wings.
i run whenever they come near me. -_-
i dont dont dont understand why people love them so much.

Its gonna be a b-o-r-i-n-g week.
science on electricity.
maths test.
geebee on both sat and sun. -_-

Didnt go for gb last saturday cause you-know-why.
spent the whole day teevee-ing and computer-ing.

I cant wait for the mid years, but i hate the june holidays.

tag replies,
Lin. - update alrd, n-o-o-b. HAHAHA.
Amabel [: - Hello mabel.
RuYan - HEYLOOOOOOO. Rofl, HAHAHA. <3 href="http://www.pure-milkbottle.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">sherlyn - Hello ! take care too. :)
♥geraldinechan - i guess im not quiting cause that means no cca points for me, but i still hate it. argh!
RuYan - Spy? imy too.
QinYi :) - LOL, thanks.
sharon - Idk also, x: .
JOLEENღ - Haha, thanks. But theres geebee! :( .
Hilary/detonatedlove - Lol, nevermind . Thanks! Will submit it soon. :)
RuYan♥ - Lol, the word sweetie pie reminds me of 'woof ', HAHAHAHA. ♥
Lin - Shut up. Its not chiiiiiicken pox.