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10 December







you cant escape.
Tuesday, March 4, 2008 @ 3:49 PM
i bought all the ingredients for home econs practical test today. but, there was no practical test! it was a theory test. -_- so i had to bring the whole shit back home again. and buy new ones for next next week's practical test. god, its two weeks lah holy mommo. oh and geogy test today, i hope i'll pass, wish me good luck, hah. home econs test after school, open book, so no problem! we got our camp tees, its green. i l-o-v-e green but the tee's green is awwwwwwful! its dark dark dark dark dark dark green. imagine.. anyway, im looking forward to the camp. cause theres no lessons, but we need to stay till 10.30pm. -_- i found a couple of pictures yesterday, zuber awesoooome! terrorist, oh terrorist.. his damn famous, sexaye picture in every singtel handphones, hawwwwwt. gonna do my maths home enjoyment already, tataaaaa.