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10 December







no air
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 @ 5:00 PM
Hello earthlings!
i made a livejournal, so ask me and i will (maybe) give it to you.
cause its private!

Yesteryday, first thing in the morning after assembly was bag check!
god i hate bag check.
and got caught for hair etc.
they just ask me to buy a new clip and some of us were sent back. -_-
was glad that jwong didnt see my nails. HAHA!

Anyway,today was real funny!
i was on my bed and this quite big lizard just dropped down from the celling.
it was too fast for me to react.
next, i saw it jumping on my dad's neck, and my dad jumped up.
it was damn funny!
and it jumped to the back of the bed next.
Laugh My Ass Off!

SK didnt come today, joy!
two free periods! :D

Cross country tomorrow!
im looking forward to it, eh.
gonna chiong, stop, chiong, stop with ruyan and tris i suppose.
and i will be like ' wahlao, zao zhi dao bu yao lai' again as usual. tsktsktsk.
didnt want to go at first but tris says that they will be going to tampinese to eat seoul garden after cross country.
so im tagging along, HAHA.

And to me, i think people have rights to write anything on their blogs.
like just trying to tell people how things had happened recently and trying to vent their anger.
at least they didnt scold infront of everybody right.
and people that are not involved, just dont come in and make everything worst.
keep all those comments to yourself, please.

and you, yes you.
been telling people what i told you and stuff, and telling us all those stupid lies, ridiculous lies.
i have been acting like i dont know anything, i didnt even scold you, thats good enough i guess.
so i really hope you'll stop it after this thing is over.
not scolding you or what you're thinking now, here in my blog.
just telling you to, WAKE UP!

today, everything became worst, shall not mention what happened.
i was like chua tio suddenly.
ruyan was super fierce, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
argh, whatever.

i think most of you think that im really irritating and so cause i kept blogging about this friendship stuff that you (might) not want to read.
cause me, myself thinks that im really stupid cause i keep blogging about this thrash.
but im alrd keeping most of the stuff inside me, and not writing them, not even writing them in that another blog of mine too.

i want a new hairstyle!
but i dont really know what i wanna get. :l

Nothing much to add on alrd.
so, tata.