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10 December







scribbled all the truth
Sunday, March 2, 2008 @ 6:09 PM
Went sentosa yesterday. skyride and luge was real fun! ate and played awhile, then went bugis to get earring and bused home. oh, and there was an accident, there was this little boy who wanted to see what happened. and he got scolded by his mommo. pathetic, his mom said 'you also wanna get banged by the car?! why are you such a kpo?!' and it continues. reached home @ 7pm and was exhausted! geog and h.e test tomorrow, still havent studied yet. -_- sharon sent me a song that day and now, im damn addicted, gosh. and i changed the background alr, but i still prefer that background. wahhhhhhh! nothing much to add on alr, so tataa.

oh, i just realised that i havent been replying tags. so,
-YEWCHING<3 - oh hello boon ahbuuuu! dont let it rot alright! :D
Yuncui- Its hawwwwwt!
Kim:D - hah, thanks! blind lorh, hahahha.
geraldinechan - why so many dots, and i think its nice lah. awww...
VENIECE - i think only you and a few people out there will say that the bg is nice lah. wahhhhh!
Kim:D - relinked alr. its nice, the flower besideeee!
QinYi :D - hah, thanks alot.
AMABEL! - relinked mabelllly.
geraldinechan - changed link, but still have regrets lah. :(
Cheryl - hellllllllllllllllllo, cause i just changed. hahaaaah.