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10 December







screwed up.
Friday, March 21, 2008 @ 2:21 PM
i dont know whats wrong with everything thats happening.
i should the one feeling irritated,sad and angry by everything, every single thing.
first i keep getting copied by you, i ignored you.
after some time, i couldnt stand it anymore, so i tried to change the way i type and stuff.
i did, but you copied me again. so i kept changing, like some idiot.
so i finally took the courage, and told you ' can stop copying? '
so you got freaking pissed off and you starting throwing those words at me, and even denied that you didnt copied.
i did not know what to reply, i did not have anything to say. so i kept quiet and didnt type anything back to you.
you typed and typed and you suddenly broke down?
and now your bloody uncivilized brother says that he wants to slap me, cause he feels that im bullying you?!
and he says that i wont dare to slap him back. he never even helped her sis about the upper sec thing at all, still talk so much?
eh, hello come lah. and he even said that he will want to slap me untill i patch with her. oh, threatening eh?
btw, its between me and her, and he suddenly poped out of nowhere. get a life, dude.
and you left feeling sad and angry. i am the one that's suppose to feel that way okay.
i have nothing to say to you anymore, it seems like everybody thinks that im at fault.
so, fine. i am at fault, i have no rights to tell you to stop copying.
p.s i dont care if you see this entry or not, whether you will tell the whole world how i accused you..

glad that i still have other great friends around. :)