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10 December







oh, rockable!
Tuesday, March 4, 2008 @ 8:02 PM

I failed my science practical test, as expected. but i failed by one and the half mark only! there was 3 science test, and i failed 2! i failed all my maths paper except for common test, HAHAHAAH. i failed the 2 english paper, holy mommo. i didnt have time to finish my literature test, and i didnt studied for it yesterday. for holy mommo sake, i had totally forgotten about it.

Enough of results.. i cant excess to my blogskin account profile, roarrrrr! woh, and english spelling today. kidding or what? yes, its s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g. we got loads of complains written on our record book, and heard that some prefect comes in everyday to write negative comments about us. Wow. we are going to start making animation tomorrow, im zuber looking forward to it! At last, no art and music lesson. so, no scolding and screamings from mrs tan. happy or happy? and i just realised something! nobody in class actually hand up and do their homework on time, or even bring. pathetic teachers.

Lin's crazy, she kept laughing in class. because of that retard's stupid actions, zuber lol please. 0 for test, and he can still go around showing people proudly his blank paper. HAHA!

Gotta go already, tataaaaaaaaaa.

hey bitch, stop it.