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10 December







Sunday, March 9, 2008 @ 12:26 PM
I think my computer kana virus. -_-
Cant audi, maple etc.
Cant transfer stuff into my psp.
Cant listen to music, NO SOUND.
Kind of laggy, and things kept getting hanged.
imagine using the computer with no sound at all..
and now im scanning for viruses, its slowwwwww.
yeah, it found 1 virus already, wtf, wtf, wtf?!

oh, about the camp... it sucked.
the food are awful, i only finished 1/3 of it for every meal. yuuuuck.
i think only the rocket launching thing was fun, mega wetness.
we went sungai buloh, and there was this big bug on tris and it bite her. she got so scared that she didnt dare to go with us and she stayed there in the library. -_-
the funny shit is that she didnt dare to touch the plant that they gave us later on, she said that there will surely be insects inside. HAHA, LOL.
it was zuber hot there, and we were kind of scared that while walking, there will be some dumb spider or other insects that would drop on us. -_-
loveeeeee the ride to sungai buloh, its 40minutes! listened to music all the way. :D
data thing and adventure quest was stupid. esplanade and newater was okay, atleast theres no smell of shit @ newater.
low/loh suck lah. she keep shouting at us as if shes a teacher that has been in our school for many years, but she just came like last year? dumbface.
the cheer thing sucked to the max, the class wasnt co-operating at all. talking like nobodies business, screaming, fighting etc. was zuber pekchek, but luckily we still finished cheer.

the hols are here, finally.
but its gonna be a bore.
maths remedial on monday for the whole dumb class.
www and escape on wednesday.
and maybe there will be drill.
thanks to my results, i will need to study during the hols.
gonna bring the crap back home on monday..

i cant stand the lagness anymore, shall upload pictures asap.