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10 December







goodbye, im gone.
Saturday, March 15, 2008 @ 11:13 AM
Wow, the hols are ending soon.
Its saturday already, tomorrow's the last day. wah~ ):
I finally did some hwork yesterday, i still have homee. but i left the wkbook in school. -_-
I didnt even do any studying at all, god im so slow, no, freaking slow please.
I just stayed at home yesterday and thursday staring @ the computer for the whole day.
somebody kill me.

And went www on wednesday, holy fshit.
it was raining heavily, like nobodies business, we were asked to go to the shelter for 3 times. -_-
I hate www, wanted to go escape as well. but no time, roar..
But still had fun with ahbu!

And thats about the whole week.. of rotting.
i just spent the whole week on my computer, psp and www.
oh god.

My dad's getting a lappy! Like super happy?!
At first i thought he was just kidding, woop.
I kept teasing him that he screwed up my computer, and he believed me, HAHA!
so, his buying a lappy. and its gonna be mine, muahahaha.

Gonna get a notebook next week with ling, finally?
Haircut with ahbu soon. looking forward, eh.
my hair is kind of screwed.

Maybe submitting a skin soon in my new blogskin account.
and for those who still dont know yet, i moved to exquisite♥ cause the /exquisite's profile wasnt working for whatever reason.
Navigate? Non-Navigate? Simplicity or what?
i have no idea, eh.

Nothing to add on already, crap.

tag replies,
:D - first song? Rush by Aly & Aj. Woah, thanks. I'll submit it as soon as i change my blogskin. :)
O.o Passer-By - welcome !
Cheryl - hey biatch, wooop !
MANDIE - Hellllllo !
Another Passer-By :D - haha, thanks. and youre someone from friendster right?
Lin - he is retarded !
RuYan - yah, like wtf? i linked you back already.
QinYi:D - sure. :)