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10 December







tell me how was today.
Thursday, February 21, 2008 @ 6:12 PM
New link, and btw, if you dont know, i have been using withregrets for 3 years. hah.

oh, sc common test was hard. :(

today was dumb, know what? dm came in twice today, freaking twice. and for the first time that dm came in, he SHOUTED and whats great is that my calculater actually dropped. see how powerful his shout is?

the second time? long story.
it started like this.. huang lao shi was mad at us during chinese lesson as we were noisy, so during pw lesson, she didnt came in as she said that she was still mad at us. mr chia was quite pissed alr. and later weiheng told him ' we havent started what to write' damnit. and joleen asked pew to write for the stuff, but pew wasnt good in english so mr chia asked joleen ' she dont know how to write english, why you ask her write. ' and she replied ' i also dont know what'. wowwwie, then he was really pissed then, i mean really pissed. he went to the teachers table, sat and scolded us and said ' i am not going to care anymore ' and asked jeremy to get huang lao shi here to teach us instead. so blur huang lao shi came. and mr chia the great told huang lao shi about all the crap. huang lao shi was really ' wei nian ' and she teached. but others still talked and did whatever they want. mr chia was really fed up and he asked jeremy to call any dm up. fuck, i thought you said you are not gna care alr? so that dm came in again, scolded us and wanted names, then left. when dm asked mr chia who are the ones who are doing those actions, he effing said that its the whole class, which not sooooo not. he wrote in the record book that we were not listening in class talking and playing with each other, tying and looking at the mirror during lessons and going out of the class without permission. so this is you said are not gna care. after that, mr chia scolded us again, then left. lastly, scolding by huang lao shi, shes damn pathetic, she nearly cried. cause the great mr chia sort of was telling her that she wasnt a good teacher, not disciplining the class and some other insults. whats wrong with him, and he nearly scolded us the 7 words(some vulgarities) on tues. -_- he damnit wasted my 40 freaking minutes. mf idiot.

he is such a *, uncivilized. and please, HE IS NOT FIT TO BE A TEACHER. damn, at that point of time, i just felt like screaming at the top of my voice at him with all sorts of vulgarities.

so now you know what would it be like when faith1-3 and 1-4 get mixed together, chao.