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10 December







im gonna write you a love song
Friday, February 29, 2008 @ 8:16 PM
Readers, i know i rockkkk.

today's 29th of feb! leap year, pp. gosh, tomorrow gonna be 1st of march. time is fast, and its gonna be next year soon, hah. and we are going to sentosa tomorrow. looking forward? ehm, sorry but no.

i failed science, by two and the half marks. pathetic yeah? i got 11/20 for mcq, beautiful? and 10 half/30 for section B, even more beautiful. so i got 22half/50. roarrrrrr. i bearly passed my history, by 1 mark. happy, cause i dont need to attend for history remedial! oh, and yesterday's drill was zuber fun alright. except that my legs and hands are abit painful, plus today's mass exercise. the music sucks and its really funny. i cant help but laughed madly at triscilla.

because me, lini and the other girl listened in class today.. ms toh kept asking us to do stuff. like sweeping the floor, cleaning the board etc. and she even told us to study harder and get into a better class and ignore the bad students here. i know, i know! im trying you see... but still, sometimes i cant stop myself from gossiping and laughing at stupid actions. and fyi, i listened cause there was kind of nobody to talk to cause im sitting infront and plus i was real tired. hahaa, im the best student in classssss! am i kidding myself or what.

kim came over today, played audi, yadda yadda then went to macs. i ate vanilla icecream again, my favourite lah! and thanks for the accompany today, wahaah.

if you ever see me lying on the classroom floor dead, i probably died from laughing too much.
and now i know, you are one that i cant trust.